Dreams bursting at the seams

Aritzia Kit for Cloth shirt, AA lace bodysuit, F21 black hose and shorts (unseen)

A bit too in love with this lace bodysuit, yes. Difficult not to adore it when it's so magically comfortable. Been seeking for comfort clothes the past few days and this works perfectly - never find myself wearing jeans anymore because I feel so restrained in them especially when I'm studying in my tiny cubicle. I apologize for the lack of make-up and the unstraightened hair, but I rather not have my face caked when going to school, unless I am extremely bored and I have time to spare. He's coming over today to hang for the weekend, but we'll be spending it at the health sci library, in our own individual cubicles. The weekend will probably consist of a little bit of baking and home films on top of all the brutal studying we will be doing, since I have been dying for some darling cupcakes.
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