Nothing more beautiful

Complex Geometries Spring/Summer 2010

Source: Jak & Jil
Loving these gorgeous geometric pieces and the sweet shoes. Sipping on a green tea latte right now - finally satisfied my crave from last night. At least I will be able to get some more studying done tonight without falling asleep halfway through the chapter. Currently sitting at the library right now at school, which pretty much isn't considered to be much of a library since you can barely get anything done with the noise level. And this is probably why I'm blogging even though I'm supposed to be reading 200+ pages of Organizational Behaviour to prepare myself for my upcoming midterm on Friday. I haven't had much time to update my blog as much lately, so excuse my absence. The never ending midterms are killing me slowly, especially when all of them are on my weekends. Ha, first time at the casino on Saturday and it was a wonderful experience. The love came and picked me up from mac and brought me all the way back to Toronto just for sushi - and then last minute decided to mission to Fallsview at night. The weather was nice and warm so it was perfect. It kind of made me giggle a bit when the people were checking my i.d at the casino and asked "How old are you sweetie?" as if I was a little sixteen-year-old trying to get myself into a casino. But I guess she eventually realized the date and figured that I was old enough to get in. The weather from the past two days and the next few days is lovely - which makes me extremely depressed considering that I have to spend my time indoors, studying my life away. How I miss the Summer .. Anyways, I wish you all a lovely week!