Lover dearest.

I have some serious obsession with rosy nude. Pretty much everything I have is in that colour, but I love it. It's so simple and lovely haha. Picked up a Community bustier top and another Wilfred bandeau yesterday at the Aritzia 25th Anniversary sale. Kind of depressed that I didn't really take advantage of it, but perhaps I'll pick up something tomorrow before my trip back to Hamilton. Also picked up a Deena & Ozzy wallet, which is so cute - adore the studs. Oh, and the honeylove rosy nude lipstick. I've been wearing it everyday and I love the colour and the texture of it. Though, it tends to wear out quite quick. Usually in the morning for me since I have my daily consumption of green tea lattes and it just smears all over the lid../ Dying for a Kain Label silk pocket tank, but shipping fees kill so I'll have to see if it's really worth it. Anyways, out to the movies with him.
Aney Meishopping5 Comments