Sweetest goodbye

Surely the sweetest goodbye.. Went on a little trip to the Falls again with the boyfriend yesterday. We didn't get there til evening, but it gave us enough time to do a bit of everything we missed the last time. Went for dinner at Kelsey's and it was very filling. Ordered a virgin Daiquiri while he ordered red wine (yes, I'm a lightweight so I try not to drink). For our entree, we ordered a Shrimp Alfredo pasta which came with cheddar broccoli soup and a steak combo with French onion soup. We were so set on ordering the mix and match desserts, but we were too stuffed :( After dinner, he took me to Nightmares, the haunted house.. And I must say that he was more scared than I was :) By the time we were done, we just walked along the streets although most of the stores were closed by then. It's always sweet to be by the falls though so we went back once more while they had the colour lights against the falls and it was beautiful. .. / Woke up this morning to a dream come true - breakfast in bed. He's the most romantic boyfriend ever. I'm saddened that we're both going off to university again .. which limits the time we get to spend with one another, but the distance shouldn't be too bad. I will definitely miss you.
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