Broken dreams and endless nights

Wilfred cloud grey with silk blouse, f21 tights

Spent the entire day and night craving for a hazelnut crepe with strawberries and bananas. My life was devoted to the library today.. (how dorky). I literally sat there from 2:30-10PM working on a Marketing group team contract and .. reading. I was so set on watching Gossip Girl on my break, but instead I gave it up and completed my two chapters of readings! lol (which was brutal since the chapters were longgggggg). Had a two hour meeting afterward (at the same library) with the CASS (Canadian Asian Student Society) group. It's depressing to find that I spent practically my entire day .. and night at the same library today. And it continues as midterms gets closer. But, I will probably be doing all my studying at the sauna next week since it was the place to be when in desperate need of relaxation. What is perfect about it is that you basically get the entire sauna to yourself, almost always. No distractions, pure studying. I've been feeling so dull and sick lately - maybe it's just the weather, but something doesn't feel quite right. I need some sweets to hearten myself.. Goooodnight darlings, xo
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