Her morning elegance

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Falling asleep to noise coming from the boys upstairs and waking early in the morning to find myself with a fever for the past two days really sucks. I'm not down for anything at all at this moment in time. I just want to hide under my sheets from morning to night. Being sick on the first day of classes is horrible and the boring lectures doesn't make anything better. Hoped for my Marketing class to be amazing, but after five minutes of class, I was already beginning to fall asleep. Accounting was even worse - no talking, no texting, no cellphones, no laptop. In other words, everything is strictly accounting/business related. Basically, there's really no incentive for me to even attend that class, especially since the lectures are located in the furthest building. However, I don't usually like skipping classes so I'm most likely going to end up in pretty much .. all of the lectures (or so I hope). Back to Toronto tomorrow, yayyy. Excited to see the boyfriend after not seeing him for a good week or so. Have a great night darlings!
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