The heart of life

Grilled honey garlic chicken with rice and veggies on the side. Wild Vines strawberry flavour wine.

Special K cereal with red berries & sliced bananas in milk

Tortilla smothered with Nutella and topped with strawberries and bananas

Fried rice with eggs, hot dogs, and black forest ham - Fuzion shiraz as beverage

Activia strawberry flavoured yogurt topped with real strawberries and Special K cereal

The boyfriend stayed over again this weekend. The sunless days just kills so it's nice to stay indoors with a little bit of company. By far the only rainy day where I actually didn't feel miserable. Sorry for the lack of outfit posts, but I got a bit too lazy. To compensate, I took photos of food, wine, and miscellaneous items. Wasn't too swept away by the taste of the two wines, but I must say that the Wild Vines did taste better - probably because it had a tint of strawberry flavour in it and it didn't lack taste like the Fuzion shiraz. Watched UP with him again (but this time, as my boyfriend rather than my best friend)- probably the cutest movie ever. Haha, first time making fried rice and it surprisingly tastes good. Never felt so accomplished in life. The tortilla with Nutella and strawberries & bananas tastes lovely. Threw it all together for breakfast this morning (not the best time to have Nutella and fruits together, but it was healthy). Would probably be more suitable for a dessert course, but I was lacking food in the house. Definitely not anticipating the upcoming midterms starting this Friday - going on hiatus for awhile ..