The beautiful other side

Hollister wife beater, Guess? destroyed jeans, Zara TRF bag

Finally took a picture with this lovely bag of mine :) I've been using it for school and it's perfection! It does get quite heavy with the laptop inside, but I can't expect it not to be. It goes with practically any outfit and it is suitable for any weather condition - it's love. Anyways, the boyfriend came to stay with me for the weekend which is amazing. Spending the Saturday at the library probably isn't the weekend I imagined it to be, but we both need to do our readings since midterms are coming up in a few weeks. Celebrated one of the boys (from upstairs) birthday yesterday. The cake that my housemate made for him was heavenly. Smothered with french vanilla frosting - garnished with chocolate wafers and grated chocolate. I hope he had a sweet 20th.

And here are some silly webcam pictures that my boyfriend and I took :P