Wind beneath my wings ..

Forever 21 printed scarf, Forever 21 bandage skirt

Happy birthday mom! ..times two. It's lovely how she has two birthdays - a Chinese one and a regular one. And it is also lovely how I only have one birthday .. As if it would matter even if I had a Chinese birthday though. My parents barely celebrate my regular birthday with me. I don't even see how it makes any sense since there's no set date and it differs year to year. / Purchased a New York Cheesecake for my mom and I can't wait to eat it later on tonight - by the way, thanks dad.. for ruining the surprise. Anyways, it was very humid outside today. The weather seemed beautiful, until it started to pour for a little while. Didn't get to do anything today other than .. another driving lesson. It's taking me forever just to get my G2. Truthfully, driving doesn't feel as awesome as it seems. But, I also don't want to bus for the rest of my life. / I decided to play dress up yet again. Tried on the new bandage skirt I purchased in Buffalo and I love the way it fits (it's a tad bit loose though. Again with the stupid XXI sizes). Haven't gotten the chance to wear it out yet, but I wanted to see what I can pair it with. I have been meaning to try new things with a scarf. And so I decided to give it a try and wear it as a bandeau top .. It would probably only work if I wore it to the beach. Besides that, it would probably look ridiculous on the regular.