Set Adrift on Memory Bliss

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Had a blissful day at the Exhibition today, also known as CNE. Had lunch at Pacific Mall with my boyfriend and a few friends. Directly after, we headed over to our friend, Gordon's house to check out his fish tanks filled with beautiful fish. We literally sat there for half an hour and still managed to find excitement out of simply watching the fish. After doing so, we bussed down to the Exhibition, since it was obviously going to be packed - likewise to the previous years. It was the first day for it to open up and since they were celebrating their 175th anniversary, the entrance fee was only $1.75! Didn't really get to do much considering that we got there around 8PM and the Exhibition closes around 12. However, I was still able to play a few games at the Colour Wheel - over by $3 yayyy! I should've walked away when I was over by $13, but I'm greedy and I want to win! lol kidding. I'm exhausted and ready to head to bed .. I don't know why I always stay up uploading the pictures late at night when I'm practically half asleep. Anyways, goodnight darlings!