In an Absolut world ..

Source: blogTO

I recently came across this and I thought it was brilliant and very artsy. The hidden lower Bay TTC Subway station was reconstructed into a party venue last week by Justin Broadbent, an artist, in collaboration with Absolut vodka marketing campaign. And even the subway cars were given alterations. I thought it was beautiful and touching. Especially the vending machine, which dispensed enveloped of heart-filled messages of inspiration. One which included, "Your job is great and all. But don't forget your heart... it's the best part of you." The artist who designed the concept and everything else spoke: "Most vending machines give you junk. This is a free little pick-me-up." I personally think that they should give artists the opportunity to do this more often. Even with the Sheppard-Yonge TTC station since they don't even use the other side of it anymore. It will definitely attract many. Now, I am even more excited for the Nuit-Blanche event opening on October 3rd from sunset to sunrise!