While the sky falls.

Today was such a lovely day to be out with the girlies. Had a little garden party with the school girls and it was pretty successful considering that we had planned it two days ago. We had lime margaritas with sugar rims and some blueberry Merlot I believe, except I drank only a tiny bit of each since I'm not a big fan of alcohol. The day was pretty much filled with fun photos and girl talks .. not to mention, the gossips. If only the weather had been a bit more nice, we would have been able to hop into the pool at my friends. Though none of us brought bikinis .. The sun went away and came back every once in awhile and we tried to capture every moment on the camera with the sun. The summer has passed by pretty quick which really upsets me. I hope I will be able to gather all the beautiful memories and make the best out of the summer while it lasts.