Walking in heels

Bebe rosy nude bandage dress, H&M black bandage skirt, F21 heels, nude heart charm purse

Had a sweet dinner with the girls today at Oliver & Bonacini Cafe - Grill. Who would have known mac and cheese would cost $20, but it was worth it. After dinner, it obviously consisted of numerous photo taking sessions. The day and night didn't really go as planned with the entire beach, cupcake shoppe, and dinner idea since the weather was horrible so we decided to go back to our friend's place to hang out for a little bit. Played with her little puppies and they were adorable. I hate to favour, but I do have a chosen little one that I adore most - And I named her Munchkins (yes, Bee, I'm calling her Munchkins regardless). Decided on going to a dessert/bubble tea place named Destiny's which has recently reopened after renovations (although most people thought that it had closed down due to bad service and the cockroach incident). I must say that the atmosphere is more appealing now and it seems as if the service has improved. Anyways, I'm done blogging for the night. Goodnight lovelies.

Love, Aney