Rosy nude

Today, I went to the mall and purchased this slightly light rosy, nude purse. It was a cheap find for $17 and I couldn't resist :) It feels like I haven't gone shopping in a long while - mainly because I've been broke, desperately in need to save up for my tuition and I've just been working way too much to even find a least bit of time to fit a bit of shopping into my schedule. I must say though that it is extremely difficult to work by a mall, especially when you're given 2 hour long breaks because you work in a restaurant. It's so hard to restrain myself from stepping into that mall, now that it has all the stores I adore (with Zara opening in the late summer as well). I wonder how I got by this week without stepping into that mall and out with a shopping bag in my hand. / On with my day, I went to watch My Sister's Keeper and I must say that was one heart melting, tearful movie. I haven't read the book before, which means that it makes the film that much greater. Definitely a recommendation to those who have not seen it yet. .. Nevertheless, The Proposal was another great movie since it wasn't the typical romance film that everyone produces now. The producers threw in bits and pieces of everything and made it the perfect romance-comedy. Anyways, happy Canada day darlings (for those who do live in Canada), and happy hump day to everyone else :)

♥ a,
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