Asymmetrical Kinsley top, diy tights, Wilfred belt

Update 2:28AM
Went to the Toronto zoo today with the boyfriend and two other friends :) It was amazing, but tiring at the same time. I think I met my new boyfriend today at the zoo - a Red Panda .. the cutest thing alive. I took over 300 photos which will take forever to upload onto my computer, which is why I don't have pictures up right now. I'll do that later when I'm less lazy :) / On a side note, I'm craving for cupcakes right now from the Cupcake Shoppe :( Perhaps I will go within the next few days just to satisfy my little cravings :) I wouldn't mind baking some, but again, I'm really lazy.. It would be great to bake with a few of the girlies I'm gathering with tomorrow, but everything's too last minute and there probably wouldn't be enough time to do everything we have planned. I guess the cupcakes will have to wait ..

Here are some of the photos from the zoo :)