The weather has been beautiful within the past two days, but now I think the heat is just about killing me. Even sitting here gives me the very feeling that I am about to melt away. I just finished course selections for second year Commerce and I am saddened by the fact that I didn't get the elective that I wanted - let alone that I am only allowed one elective for the upcoming year. So without the option of choosing Gerontology, I am stuck with Art History, which can't be too bad.. / I am quite excited for the beach tomorrow though :)! Finally getting the tan that I have been craving for .. for as long as Winter lasted. Despite the fact that I tan easily, I do wish that I could keep a long lasting tan throughout all seasons, but that's not going to happen and I won't settle for a fake salon tan. / I hope I actually manage to do at least a handful of things this summer, such as .. Niagara Falls, Buffalo, New York City, Wasaga, and camping. Besides that, I am just hoping to spend the rest of my days without work at the beach. However, with work in the way, I highly doubt I will complete even half of the things listed. Anyways, this week will be quite exciting since I am only scheduled for three days of work :) I'm also hoping that I passed my first test as a bartender. Who knew my manager would just give me two pieces of blank paper and expect me to list all of the cocktails/martinis, beers and wines on the menu. And when I mention cocktails/martinis, I mean listing the ounces of liquor and whatever else that each drink contains. Luckily, I did manage to study all the cocktails and martinis, but I left out a lot of beers and wines since he didn't tell me that I was getting tested on those until the day of. Anyways, I've been ranting on nothing so I should stop .. just about now. tooodles m'dears ♥

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