Ocean's wave

Love the way these look. I can just imagine it - the summer breeze, walks along the beach, toes in the sand .. They remind me so much of the ocean's wave, especially the two Max Azria maxi dresses. My latest purchase was the Fantasy Maxi Dress from Forever 21 and I fell in love with it the very moment I laid my eyes on them - these bring out a goddess appeal. I just admire how these dresses are just so beautiful. The Fantasy Maxi dress would be perfect as an evening wear since it just sits proportionately on one's body. Apparently maxi's are complementary for shorter women and those with a larger frame since it tends to add height and the bold, colour prints tend to draw away attention from elsewhere. The full length covers much of one person's body so not only do you feel more secure, but it also reveals a bit of confidence.

♥ a,
Aney Mei2 Comments