Something Sweet .. .

Rain or shine, it was a beautiful day regardless - because the rainbow came out after the rain anyways, but too bad my camera died before I was able to capture a photo of it. It was a very delightful day being able to finally get the chance to check out Dufflet Pastries, which was great! Not only the desserts, but as well as the atmosphere hence why I have so many photos posted up. I kind of got a little out of hand with the flower didn't I? I couldn't help myself since it was tres tres cute! It actually inspired me to pick out something similar the next time I stop by at Ikea. It will be a perfect combination to go with my milk chocolate painted walls, which will soon be done - soon enough after my landlord builds my closet for my room. I'm so excited!! I'm anticipating the days counting down til summer where the nice weather will set in. Until then, I will have to wait until I can finally go back to Queen St. Next time, I'm going to actually take the time to check out the shops there. They have some pretty awesome antique stores / dessert places which appears to be quite fancy.