Last one, I promise

Hehe, purchased two new rings from a booth that came by my campus a few days ago :) There were so many that I wanted, but I ended up choosing two of my faves. I picked up one, but helplessly, I went back for a second. I was on the verge of purchasing one last ring, but I realized it was enough for one day - and the ring looked somewhat like the second one anyways. I especially adore the first one in the picture which is a heart with wings and a crown - isn't it just adorable? It's perfect. The other ring that I picked up is simple with just a stud in the middle, but that's why I like it - simplicity.

Just got back not too long ago from Hamilton (because I go to school there). Three hour bus ride every time, which really sucks but I love Toronto way too much to not come back. On a side note, I finally got my job at Spring Rolls as a Bartender / cocktail waitress and will be starting tomorrow!! I applied as a Hostess at first, but all their positions are full and bartending positions were open .. and I definitely do not want to be a sample girl again :( lol yes, last year I stood outside of a Spring Rolls location and gave out coupons/samples. I don't mind being a part of the Marketing team again, but I would like to try something new :) Anyways, going to make some chocolate fondue now mmMm, toodles

a ♥,