Capture all of the moments


I've been looking into purchasing my first DSLR, but I haven't quite made up my mind on which to get yet. I've looked at several reviews and came down to the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi and the Nikon D60. I am not exactly sure which will be the perfect fit for me since I have never owned a DSLR personally. Well, hopefully I will be able to make up my mind and purchase before the end of summer. This surely gives me enough time to save up for one and seek for advice on the best DSLRs. I'm willing to give the Canon Rebel XSi the benefit of the doubt and await what it has to offer for me though. It does appear on the pricey range, so I'm hoping for great results to come out of it. The Nikon D60 on the other hand, I am still unsure of since there are many other models and I would probably be quick to regret buying the not-so-latest model. This will just have to wait though, considering that I do have a midterm to write tomorrow afternoon and I'm still preparing notes as of now, but this camera search is keeping me off tracked. Anyways, wish me luck.