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Everywhere with Vitruvi

When it comes to our home, I am a strong believer that it should be a space that is warm, calm and welcoming. Ever since we added the Vitruvi stone diffuser in our home, it has helped with exactly this. More recently, I was introduced to the brand’s roll-ons and it has become a daily ritual for me, especially when I’m in need of a moment of stillness.

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Elevated Elegance

Found the most perfect backdrop in downtown LA for this outfit after spending the day in West Hollywood. We ventured out to the area for the day to have brunch in the trendy and sophisticated, Ysabel.

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Daisy Love

Adding another feminine scent to my vanity. This Daisy Love fragrance by Marc Jacobs exudes a warm, sweet vanilla smell that lingers for hours and is the perfect transitional scent from summer into the fall season.

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Love Letter to Paris

Dear Paris, 

I knew that I would fall in love with you at first sight. You were beautiful from every corner and the second we drove into the first arrondissement I was in awe. I pressed my face up against the glass in the taxi admiring the buildings and the people, smiled to myself and thought "this is finally happening".

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I've always been a lover of all things Chloé and this new nomade fragrance is the true expression of what it means to be a Chloé girl. With woodsy and feminine, floral notes, it has easily captured my heart. The scent is unique, soft and sweet. It brings a sense of freedom and confidence and makes me want to literally run around in a field of flowers.

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Give the Gift of Scent

When it comes to gifting, I truly believe that giving the gift of a new scent is the most thoughtful. It's your chance at picking up a fragrance that reflects your loved one and their personality, whether it be feminine, sweet, bold or fun.

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