The Proposal

I've always kept things that were personal to us a little more private, but today, I wanted to share with you our full engagement and proposal story on the blog as we embark on our next chapter together.

October 2017. Terrance and I had been thinking about traveling to Europe for awhile and when my birthday came around, he booked us a two-week roundtrip to Paris. Little did I know, he had more than just my birthday in mind when he was booking our flights. He had been keeping a secret and a little something hidden away in an orange sock in his sock drawer for a few months.

May 2018. When we left for our trip, I expected nothing short of another amazing adventure with him, but I didn't think that I would come back engaged. We flew into Paris, and then Nice and finally Naples in our last week. I had organized our entire itinerary, but left one thing for him to take care of, which was our boat trip in Capri. It was something that we've had on our bucket list and wanted to do on our day trip there. 

He organized a private boat tour for us, but when the morning finally came, it was gloomy, wet and rainy. I asked him to cancel our boat tour given the poor weather, but he was adamant that we had to go. So we got ready, packed our bags and took the ferry over to island of Capri. When we arrived, the company gave us two options—the first which was to cancel the tour or the second, to wait for the afternoon to roll around and see if the sky would clear. And it did! The dark clouds drifted and the sun came out.

We later learned from our skipper that the Faraglioni translates to Arch of Love.

We got on our boat and after sailing around for 3 hours and floating into the Blue Grotto, the captain made a stop by the Faraglioni. Terrance said he would take some photos for me so I climbed to the front of the boat and looked out at the two rocks. Behind me, he was actually setting up the lighting on the camera and repositioning the GoPro before handing it over to the captain. He approached me, took my hands and then got down on one knee. I forgot much of what he said, but he asked me for forever and I remember in that moment, I was the luckiest girl. What you may not know is that we started out as friends about 13 years ago, became best friends and then decided to take a chance on love. That chance led to a relationship that has lasted for 9 years.

We later learned from our skipper that the Faraglioni actually translates to Arch of Love. Italy holds such a special place in our hearts—we fell in love with the lifestyle, the people and all of its beauty. We wanted to continue our love story in Italy so we have decided to get married there! 

Photography by our lovely captain.