Love Letter to Paris

Dear Paris, 

I knew that I would fall in love with you at first sight. You were beautiful from every corner and the second we drove into the first arrondissement I was in awe. I pressed my face up against the glass in the taxi admiring the buildings and the people, smiled to myself and thought "this is finally happening". The architecture, the lifestyle and the romance were the things I adored the most. It was just like how I had read it in the books, but so much better. We stayed close to the first and second arrondisement, but traveled just far enough to get a taste of the people and the culture.

On our first day, we checked into our superior room inside the beautiful Westin Paris Vendôme and unpacked to make ourselves at home for the next six days. We discovered that the Jardin des Tuileries was directly across from our hotel, so we picked up a bottle of rosé, some meats, cheese and crackers at our local grocery store and made our way over. Like what most would do, we seated ourselves in the lawn chairs directly in front of a large fountain, ate and took in the beauty of our surroundings. 

The following days, we went out exploring, checking off most of the touristy must-sees on every first-timer's bucket list. We visited The Louvre and Palais Royale, picnicked under the Eiffel Tower (and stayed for the sparkling lights at night), walked across the Pont Alexandre III bridge, went up the Arc de Triomphe and drank a lot of wine. We woke up early in the morning for brunch at nearby cafés, indulged in the delicious pastries and observed Parisians go about their everyday. We walked everywhere and preferred it that way. We saw so much more this way and it was the perfect way to drop the many calories consumed that day and likely from the day before. I finally understood why you are called the City of Light, but also the City of Love. 

My heart is full. 

With love, 

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“I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything. Maybe we’re from the same star.”

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