Spring Calling

It’s the beginning of a new month, which is an opportunity to start anew. I’ve been inconsistent with my blog posts recently, not because I don’t want to post but because there’s nothing too exciting to share. So this time around, I figured I would do something different and share five interesting facts about myself that you may not know:

1 I have trypophobia. This is a fear of clusters of dots and holes. Things like honeycomb, certain types of fruits and even chia seeds gross me out and send chills down my spine. I’m not sure if it just gets worse with age, but it’s definitely more apparent now. Yet, all this to say, I’m going to the Yayoi Kusama exhibit later this month and one of her trademarks are polka dots.

2 I had braces. I was one of the late ones and had them until my second year of university. Nevertheless, I’m glad I got them and have my parents to thank for a better and more confident smile! 

3 I don’t know how to swim. I've been trying to learn sans lessons since grade 6, but all I can really do is doggy paddle. Good news, I can ride a bike! 

4 I won’t give into contact lenses or glasses. My vision isn’t awful, but it has reached the point where I have a challenging time reading the screen in meeting rooms or recognizing people down the street. So if you're smiling or waving at me and I've ignored you, chances are, it’s my vision. 

5 I buy things in two. I likely inherited this from my parents but I have a hard time just buying one of something because I either love it so much so I have a backup or I can’t decide on the colour.  

Photos by Tina Hu