4 Packing Tips For Your Next Summer Escape

I have a love / hate relationship with packing and cannot simply wing it at the very last minute. I take time to carefully plan out my itinerary for my trip and then decide what outfits would be best suited for the occasion. I figured that I would share how I go about packing now that I've returned from vacation — so without further ado, get ready for your next summer getaway with these packing tips and tricks!

1. Plan. Plan. Plan.
The key to packing smart is to plan ahead and make a list of potential outfits and then mix and match with the occasion based on your itinerary. If I know that I'll be going to the beach resort, I'll list out all of the swimsuits and beach-appropriate dresses I will need. This will also help me identify any pieces that I will need to buy before I take off. I'm guilty of overpacking, but I'm learning to purge anything on the list that doesn't fit with an occasion. Don't forget that you can likely re-wear pieces and hotels typically offer laundry services if you really need it (and Airbnb's will usually have a washer/dryer you can use!)

2. Roll Away
Rolling has got to be the best packing tip because it seriously saves you so much space in your luggage and makes room for any purchases while abroad. Since most of us are heading to a warm destination this summer, try packing more lightweight pieces such as dresses, camisoles and skirts that can be easily rolled up and put away.

3. Keep Organized With Pouches
If you ask me, pouches are the ultimate travel companion because of how much time they save you from searching for that one item in your suitcase. I bought these super helpful Kate Spade ones and they have been my best friend for all my travels. They have the cutest sayings on them too so I couldn't resist. I have one dedicated to to wear, one for to wash and the perfect pair (of shoes). Don't forget to use little pouches for any bits and baubles, as well as toiletries. 

4. Wear The Hard To Pack Items
If you're going on a summer vacation, you will very likely want to pack a woven tote or summer's favourite round bag, as well as a Panama hat. I avoid packing these away because they can be easily damaged so instead, I wear them! They will pare down the items you have in your luggage and help you look super beach-chic at the airport.

Aney MeitravelComment