Summer, Summer

Romper: Wilfred grignard romper
Chloe small faye bag
Rings: Mejuri
diamond line, solo diamond, and stacker ring

To the first day of Summer! I've been waiting for this day to come since the start of last winter. The arrival of summer meant bathing in the sun, outdoor BBQs, drinks on the patio, spending the weekends at the beach, enjoying outdoor festivities, but most importantly, summer marked the day that we would finally get the keys to our home. Terrance and I can officially call ourselves homeowners after signing away pages and pages of documents and handing over all that we have saved. This happened last January, but because it was a pre-build, we had to wait and enjoy the much anticipated delays that every new build comes bearing.

We purchased a small apartment just down the street from where we currently are, but further away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It's crazy to think back that our decision to buy this unit just shy of 700 sq. ft. off of a single floor plan. We were eager to find something and after looking at two handfuls of homes, we weren't happy with a single one. A pre-build felt like our only option at that time, but we were taking a big risk not knowing how the place looked and whether or not it would fit all of our existing furniture. When we went in for our pre-delivery inspection, the place was much smaller than expected because of the design and we're still unsure of how everything will fit, but at least it's a home that we can call ours. Until we can save up enough to buy a house, we'll be making the most out of our stay here! 

Photos by The Lust Listt