Spring Dreaming

Top: Joe Fresh turtleneck sweater (similar)
Zara dress with full skirt and leggings
Rings: Mejuri twist and diamond open ring
Bracelet: Mejuri choices bar bracelet

The weather has been such a tease lately, fluctuating from the negatives to the positives. At one point, the temperature was 18 degrees celsius, but that didn't last for long. Until Spring comes, I'll just be living in my oversized sweaters and dreaming about twirling around in anything but a winter coat. 

Since yesterday was International Women's Day, I thought that it would still be timely to share with you a woman who inspires me everyday and to celebrate her. Growing up, I was lucky to have my mom as a role model who raised me to become my own person. She never pushed me to do anything I didn't like, and always supported me in the paths I chose. However, she wasn't so lucky. She was brought up in a more traditional household so she was expected to stay home and care for the family. When she moved to Canada, she knew that she would have to go out and making a living as well, but she didn't have the same opportunities as we do now and couldn't even dare to dream about having a career in something she loves. The expectation for her was to work, come home, cook for the family, clean and repeat. This was her everyday routine and I hated seeing how unfair it was. She has been working at the same physically exhausting job for over twenty years and never changed roles. I used to always ask her why she doesn't apply to be a manager or try something new, but she was always too afraid. My dad wasn't around all that much and always worked late so my mom did everything for us. She wanted to study more, but because she was the only one caring for us after school, she couldn't step away to do something for herself. She never ever complained about this, but I just wish she could have followed her dreams too. I'm extremely grateful for everything she has done for my family and everything that she still does for us. She gave up her dreams so my brother and I can follow ours. There's always a moment to celebrate the important women in your life so don't forget to take the time to thank them! 

Photos by The Lust Listt