5 Brunch Spot Faves in Toronto

I wouldn’t call myself a brunch connoisseur, but I am a brunch enthusiast and enjoy attending weekend brunch with friends and bloggers. After exploring some spots in the city, I've rounded up a list of my top 5 brunch spot faves in Toronto. 

1. Planta
1221 Bay St, Toronto, ON

It was my first time at Planta over the weekend, but it has already become a favourite. If you're familiar with the Chase Hospitality Group, the creators of The Chase, Colette Grand Café, Little Fin, and Kasa Moto then you'll know that they're pretty successful in their restaurant chains, catering business and in creating amazing experiences for their customers. When I stepped into Planta, I was blown away by the eclectic mix of decor. Not one area was the same and you can tell that their vision of a plant-based restaurant came through in their interior design. The indoor plants, palm-tree printed wallpaper and rose gold accents made the dining area very beautiful, but also comfortable. I'm not vegan, but knew that the food was so I had no idea what to expect. We ordered a wide range of options — from truffle fries, to salads to crab cakes. All of the dishes were aesthetically pleasing, but also flavourful. Of all of the dishes we tried, my favourite was actually the one that was the least expensive. The brussels sprouts fried rice was only $6.25, but the serving size was similar to a main course. It was on the menu as one of the side dishes, but you can totally order it alone as your meal. I'll definitely be back to try the desserts because they looked amazing in photos!

2. Chabrol
90 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON

This French cuisine located in the heart of Yorkville is one to visit. It's probably one of the smallest restaurants I've ever visited, but it's worth it. The floor-to-ceiling windows, chandeliers and wall-moldings made me feel like I was in Paris (I still need to go!). I ordered the quiche with a side of salad and it was very fluffy and delicious. My favourite part was the apple tarte with calvados sabayon — I've never tasted anything like it before, but I was in pastry heaven and my apple tart dreams all came true at that very moment. The pastry was warm and covered in caramelized apple slices. It comes with a side of creamy sauce called calvados sabayon that can be gently poured over the tart by the server (or yourself if you want to boomerang it ;)). It takes approximately 20-minutes to prepare so I would advise ordering it along with your mains so that it comes out just in time after your meal. Since the venue is petite, I would recommend calling ahead of time to make reservations.  

3. Colette Grand Café
550 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON

Oh Colette — the first brunch spot that I fell in love with. I can still remember the first time I stepped into this place when they were just opening to the public. I was greeted by the "Bonjour" mat, followed by a welcoming tour from the hostess. Grand, is correct because it was spacious and beautiful. The restaurant is sectioned into a few different areas, including a bakery and outdoor terrace that is now used for barbecues in the summertime. I've probably been here over a handful of times and I'm still not sick of it because their service alone is worth coming for. I'm usually here for Saturday brunch, but they also offer a Sunday buffet. It's a bit hefty, but if you have a big stomach, you can totally eat your money's worth. After trying a few of their dishes, the pancakes are still my go-to. They're not Mildred's legendary buttermilk pancakes, but close (by the way, Mildred's is also one of my favourite brunch spots, but their wait time is just way too long). 

4. Oretta
633 King St W, Toronto, ON

If you're looking for an Instagram-worthy brunch spot, you've found it. I've dedicated a whole post here, so you can read all about. The beautiful atmosphere is definitely worth coming for. They also have a café tucked away in the back so if you're not hungry for the food, then swing by for a hot drink. I tried the margarita pizza on my first visit and that's something you can never go wrong with. On my second visit, I ordered the Cavoletti, which is a plate of shaved brussells sprout (can you tell I love them?) with almonds, pickled red onion, pecorino, crispy prosciutto. It was good, but I would suggest ordering another dish to go with it because it's a fairly small plate. I have yet to try the desserts, but I will be back for this! 

5. FIGO Toronto
295 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON

I love this place not because it's feminine, pretty and located just downstairs of my apartment, but because the food is actually really good and reasonably-priced. My favourite time to come is actually on a weekday because they offer a $19.95 prix fixe offering a choice of soup or salad to start, pizza or pasta as the main and a gelato dessert. It's the perfect place to come catch-up with old friends, to meet new ones or to celebrate a special occasion. Or if you want to come just to stare at the pastel bloom-filled ceilings (insert heart-shaped eyes emoji).

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