A Cup of Pink

Give me a cup of latte and bunch of pink items and I’m a happy girl. I had the opportunity to visit Offsite Concept Space on my day off and brought along some of my favourite pink goodies. I’ve been loving these phone cases from Caseapp.com because I was able to customize the skin myself. I selected the marble and palm tree leaves from one of their existing designs, but I was still able to add my personal touch to it. I adjusted the background colour to my liking — and in this case, it was a light pink. You can also choose your choice of finish, whether it be matte or glossy. I opted for the matte because it feels soft and is less prone to scratches. There's so much joy in changing my phone cases every few months!

As a special treat for my readers, you can use coupon code ALLUREOFSIMPLICITY20 for 20% off your custom iPhone case or laptop skin on caseapp.com. The code expires on October 15th.