Soft Focus

Two of my current summer faves: off-the-shoulder tops and panama hats. Both of these were introduced to my closet last summer and I couldn’t help but add more of them. I fell in love with this panama hat at a stand by the harbour about a month ago while locating the ferry for the Grey Goose Boulangerie Bleue Event. I was tempted to pick it up, but was afraid that it would somehow blow away while on the ferry or at the Toronto Island Yacht Club. A month later, I was still thinking about it so I knew that it was meant to be when I swung by again and it was still sitting there. I love my J.Crew panama hat, but this one was much cheaper and more sturdy — the shell is hard so the shape actually holds in place.

I wanted to try out something new with my off-the-shoulder top so I paired it with a romper. This chambray overall/shortall is perfect for wearing to the beach — they are soft and the relaxed fit makes them super comfortable to wear around.

Aney Meisummer, outfitComment