Getting Started On Planoly

As a blogger, it’s important to establish your brand aesthetic and maintain it across all channels. Instagram has been an effective marketing tool in promoting my blog and brand, but it wasn’t quite as easy as it looked. I used countless apps to help me edit, visualize my feed and plan for the upcoming weeks of content. It was difficult juggling from app to app and the features that would simplify everything just weren’t there. 

Enter Planoly. Planoly is an end to end Instagram visual management platform that allows you to beautifully plan out your feed from start to finish either on your mobile phone or on your desktop. It’s crafted in a way that’s simple and easy to use. Here are some features provided and what I love most about them:

After VSCO Cam’s upgrade, I was no longer able to plan my feed in a grid format. This was really what drove me away from the app altogether and migrate over to Planoly. This visual planner was designed for the blogger, photographer, artist and business owner. You can easily arrange the look of your feed, but can also use the handy drag & drop feature to shift your images around until it’s perfect. The best part is that you can finally split your images to create a visually compelling feed! 

I haven’t come across many apps that can allow you to do this in a seamless manner, but Planoly gives you the ability to schedule your content and draft your captions in advance. You can craft weeks of content, schedule them and mindlessly publish at hours that perform best for you. There’s a neat push notifications feature that pops up when it’s time for you to post and at a tap, your post is up. 

I love this feature because it gives me an overview of how my posts are performing and provides insight to information like total number of Likes Received and Comments Received and Likes and Comments Received per post. It also reveals your top performing posts so you can understand which photos are performing well and are encouraging your followers to engage with. 

This is no surprise, but comments usually leads to conversations. Engaging with your followers early on is so important to a blogger and business’s success and maintaing that conversation can lead to conversion. Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all your comments so having an organized place to manage and reply to all comments is essential. Your followers are making an effort to leave a comment for you so you should take the time to write something back to show your appreciation and love for them! 

Start your free trial today on and guaranteed, you’ll love this beautiful planner as much as I do!