New Skincare Routine

To combat my dry and blemish-prone skin this winter, I've introduced a new skincare routine. If you've read my previous beauty posts, I've been using Proactiv for most of my life because that was what my skin depended on. Determined to abolish the bi-monthly $70 charges to my credit card bill and what has been actually harming my skin, I stopped using Proactiv altogether. It wasn’t done overnight, but rather gradually over a month’s time. I’ve read a ton of reviews on what I can do to clear the acne that was appearing in my T-zone, but it’s challenging to tell what will actually work for your skin unless you’ve tried it. A few of the gentle products I’ve incorporated into my routine include these ones...

Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay & Bamboo Charcoal Soap
When it comes to cleaning off dirt, this is probably the best product because it leaves you feeling squeaky clean. I’ve only been using this Bamboo Charcoal soap for one week, but I love that it deeply cleanses and exfoliates my skin. What really drew me in was the one ingredient: tea tree oil. Since I have acne-prone skin, I wanted to use a natural ingredient to help fight any unwanted pimples and reduce skin imperfections.

Lush Rosy Cheeks Fresh Mask
Smiling from cheek to cheek after applying this fresh mask. I was recently introduced to Lush’s fresh masks and after trying their Cosmetic Warrior, I went back to pick this one up. I prefer the smell of this one much more (smells just like fresh roses!) and it makes my skin feel soft, calm and matte upon removal of the mask. It’s perfect after a hot shower because it’s cool and refreshing from being kept in the fridge.

H&M Cashmere Hazy Body Cream
After picking this body cream up from the H&M event, I’ve been obsessed. With shea butter and vitamin e ingredients, it's extremely nourishing and perfect for my arms and legs because they get super dry in the winter months.

I’m still uncertain about whether or not they will work for my skin in the long run since it’s still going through a “purging” period (or so I hope), but I’ll keep you posted on whether or not these will clear up my skin!

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