The perfect holiday gift set contains a pair of lotion body scrubs and soap bars. I received this holiday gift set from Vo Bath & Co. and I'm already in love with the products because they are made from natural ingredients. I've shared previously that I have very sensitive skin so these are amazing! In the package, there was a Bloom and Coffee body scrub, as well as a La Femme and Detox soap bar. 

So far, I've tried the Bloom body scrub and it has hints of peony and rose, combined with hibiscus petals. The scent is light and even a small amount will help moisturize the skin. In the Winter, my skin gets extremely dry and flaky so these scrubs are great for removing dead skin. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I do love the smell of it. The second I opened the lid, the aroma of the fresh roasted coffee beans filled the air. I love that Vo Bath & Co. products are made in Toronto and support local shops, with the coffee beans from Offsite Concept Coffee Shop. I've tried the Frank body scrub and really enjoyed it so I'm sure this one will be no different. Even if you're not gifting this set, treat yourself to a spa day and get it for yourself! 

Bloom (3).jpg