Fall Back

Top: Forever 21 turtleneck (similar)
Skirt: Zara leather skirt (similar)
Shoes: Topshop ankle boots (similar)
Hat: Club Monaco vienna fedora hat
Bracelet: David Smallcombe cuff
Ring: Mejuri cuff ring and twist ring

Turning back the clock for Daylight Savings, but that only means darker mornings and evenings. My favourite season has always been Summer, but I'm definitely embracing the Fall season. I love seeing the autumn foliage and that the temperatures haven't dropped to the point where you will need a down jacket or UGGs. This is the season for layering and wearing turtlenecks, chunky knits and coats. I wore this leather skirt in mid-October when we were still in Fall transition, but now that it's hitting below 10 degrees celsius, a pair of tights, ankle boots and wool fedora hat are key pieces for the warmth you need. 

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I wanted to share with you my microblading experience — I've always been insecure about my natural eyebrows because they were uneven, light, thin and sparse. I would allot 15 minutes every morning to fill them in, but even then I have never mastered it. I've tried using pencil, powder and pomade, but none of these products have stayed on long enough to last me throughout the day. They always end up being half or completely smudged away by the time I got home.

When my friend had her eyebrows microbladed, I couldn't help but be amused by the technique and results. Microblading is a form of tattooing, except it is semi-permanent. The technique requires a multi-bladed pen which is used to replicate strokes of hair and to deposit the colour onto the surface of your skin. Before they start the procedure, they would numb the area for about 20 minutes so that the pain is minimal. The overall procedure would take approximately 2 hours to complete and then the healing process will just depend on your skin, but it should be around 7-10 days. You might notice that my eyebrows are darker than usual and this is from my follow-up microblading session. They'll fade over the next couple of days to a more natural shade of brown and is expected to last anywhere from one to three years. I had my doubts at first but after my follow-up session, I'm definitely happy with the results! 

Photos by With Wendy

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