Juice Cleanse with Fresh Habit

As I’m sitting here writing this blog post, I’m sipping on my last and final juice as a part of my 3-day cleanse with Fresh Habit. January is the perfect month to hit the reset button and to get a fresh start. One of my new year’s resolution was to practice hot yoga more and to eat clean. I wanted to challenge my body to think about food differently and begin to crave more healthier alternatives, which led me to try out this juice cleanse. It’s crucial to consider timing when you are planning a juice cleanse. I knew that starting a cleanse on a weekend wouldn’t be the smartest choice because I would be lounging around at home and would constantly have food on my mind. The beginning of the workweek was the option that made the most sense so I scheduled to have my juices delivered to me on Sunday night and was ready to go to work with my juices on Monday morning. It came with 6 juices per day — two for the breakfast hours, 2 for lunch and 2 for dinner. They also sent me an email with small meal ideas to snack on throughout the cleanse which came in handy. The key to doing a juice cleanse is not to starve yourself, but to include light snacks throughout the day. Here’s a glimpse of how I felt each day:

Day 1
The first juice I had was one called Dr. Dodger and it was light and refreshing with a mix of apple, ginger and lemon. It had a nice kick and got me off to a good start in the morning. I drank my second juice at around 11AM when I was feeling a little hungry. By the afternoon, I was exhausted and was craving for my usual hearty soup or carb-heavy lunch. Instead, I went out to pick up some carrots and hummus dip, which I snacked on throughout the day. I also had my third & fourth juice over the course of the afternoon. Come evening, I was already feeling a little hangry, lightheaded and knew that I had to skip my hot yoga session. I continued to snack on my carrot-and-hummus dip at home and had a pear. By the end of the night, I caved because my body was craving protein so I had a few slices of vietnamese ham (the email advised that I have chicken breast, but I didn’t have any at home).

Day 2
Determined to get through the second day, I had my morning juices and wasn’t feeling as hungry as the day before. For lunch, I picked up a small cup of vegetable broth from Aroma and added in some meat so I would feel a more full. I noticed that I wasn’t drinking my juices as quickly and spaced them out more. I felt energized and even made it to my 1-hour hot yoga class. After getting home, I had my juice for dinner and had 2 hard-boiled eggs. This was more than enough and kept me full until bedtime.

Day 3
The juices now felt like they were part of my daily routine so it felt natural to drink them in the morning, afternoon and evening. I was no longer craving food and was instead looking forward to having my next juice. I continued to snack on fruits and vegetables throughout the day and made sure to have something that would keep me feeling full.

In the end, I don’t think it changed the way I looked or made me lose any weight, but it was a positive experience for me because it did flush out tons of toxins, helped me feel rejuvenated and gave me a sense of accomplishment. From researching other people’s cleanse experiences, they found that it was difficult to swap out caffeine for juices, but that was the easiest part since I only drink hot water during the workweek. My advice would be to alter your diet leading up to the cleanse to prepare you for what you will need to avoid during the cleanse. Try reducing the amount of coffee you would typically have in a day and incorporate more fruits and veggies into your meals. As a person who loves food, I don’t think I will be able to do another juice cleanse; however, I will continue to have juices or green smoothies on the regular because they taste great!