Chloe-Inspired (1).jpg
Dress: Honey Punch lace mini dress
Bag: Forever 21 lock crossbody bag (similar)
Shoes: Zara vamp flats (similar)
Bracelet: Brandy Pham Ella cuff bracelet
Ring: Brandy Pham triple needle ring

Finally sharing the rest of these photos from the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA. The architecture of the building was so strikingly stunning and unique that I'm glad I wore this Chloe-inspired lace dress and Ella cuff for the shoot. When we arrived, I knew that I wanted these photos to exude a kind of whimsical elegance. Our surroundings were so grand and the panels of part stainless steel, part mirrored reflective surface made the place look futuristic – as if it was from another universe. I'm sure that the interior is just as beautiful as the outside. 

This dress was inspired by the Chloe peacock-embroidered dress, mimicking its Parisian-bohemian essence, but only for a fraction of the price. There's just something about the barely-there fabric and lightness of the dress, which made it perfect for those summer vacations. I wore this with my Chloe-inspired Drew bag for our walk along Santa Monica afterwards. It felt so nice to feel the wind against my skin through the lace eyelets.

Photos by With Wendy

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